Our Project Teams

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The Training and Evaluation team builds members’ capacity with enhanced cultural supports and safe Indigenous-led programs and services through Training and Evaluation Pods. We offer support, consultation and resources tailored to meet members’ unique goals in training, skills-development, data collection and monitoring resources to develop new initiatives, Indigenous-lens Evaluation, research and community engagement. Members’ unique challenges are learning opportunities.

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The Asset Strategies department supports members with asset management through portfolio and development planning, capital renewals, maintenance planning, and technical support. We are committed to ensuring our members have the tools and guidance they need for successful asset stewardship.

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AHMA’s Policy Team advocates for members’ distinct needs in order to advance policy and legislation goals in a meaningful way.

Our communities see better outcomes when the government collaborates with us as partners to advance Indigenous-led approaches to policy development through For-Indigenous-By-Indigenous models. Collaborating with our members, government, community partners, and key stakeholders, our team works towards advancing housing as an Indigenous human right. Through research and relationships, we strive to address the needs of Indigenous youth, families, and individuals facing housing insecurity, homelessness, gender-based violence, and health inequity. By identifying system gaps, supporting our members, and advocating for change, our team aims to influence the policy cycle and secure funding that benefits all Indigenous people in BC.

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The Housing Operations team serves as your gateway to AHMA, offering assistance in areas such as funding, tenant relations, staffing retention, repair/maintenance issues, rent calculations, and access to various member services. They are committed to supporting you at any scale, ensuring that no question is too small or large within AHMA’s extensive ecosystem.

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It’s difficult to find a sense of home until all needs are met. AHMA strives to meet members and their clients where they’re at and provide the support needed for a better path. Creating connections allows our programs to enrich and create safe spaces for our members and their clients. It’s key to bringing the most vulnerable people together with health and housing and strong support they need.

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