AHMA Membership

We offer two types of membership as follows:

  1. Corporate Members are Indigenous housing societies that deliver housing and services to enhance the lives of Indigenous people. Corporate AHMA members exclusively manage off-reserve Indigenous housing and related services with whom AHMA has an active Operating Agreement. Each Society’s Operating Agreement with AHMA is unique and could include a variety of services such as ongoing funding, subsidies, capital repairs, high-level reporting, asset management, operational supports, etc.
  1. Non-Corporate Members are typically organizations (that may be Indigenous or non-Indigenous) who serve off-reserve Indigenous people in some capacity related to housing. They are part of the movement to ensure no Indigenous person is further marginalized because of where they live. Non-corporate members do not have Operating Agreements with AHMA and do not receive funding or have voting rights but membership is free. 

Non-corporate members receive: information, access to sector connections, invitations to AHMA gatherings, a direct line to advocacy, input opportunities, and can request AHMA advice or support if considering becoming a corporate AHMA member. These members tend to be service partners, First Nations, and housing allies who have information-sharing relationships with AHMA.

The Benefits of AHMA Membership Include: 

The benefits of becoming an AHMA Member include access to funding, operational and asset management support, receiving the latest non-profit housing sector information and training, connection with other Indigenous housing providers, and so much more.

  • AHMA conducting extensive advocacy on your behalf 
  • Being part of a unified, decolonized urban Indigenous voice and FIBI approaches
  • Direct funding, early access information about funding opportunities, support for funding proposal submissions and funds mobilization.
  • Asset management support including: data management, technical support, capital planning, portfolio planning, capital project management and support, energy conservation and sustainability expertise, tools, guidance, resources and research for successful asset stewardship.
  • Housing operations support for any and arising issues through an open-door policy for any inquiries. AHMA supports members through consultations, needs assessments, research, evaluation and reporting, training, policy development, cultural safety and Indigenous approaches to housing and services for Indigenous tenants.
  • We provide guidance at any scale — no question is too small or large within AHMA’s extensive housing network.
  • Connection with a wide network of housing providers offering a variety of high quality, culturally safe Indigenous-led programs and services to enhance the lives of Indigenous people. 
  • AHMA is highly accessible with strong partnerships and innovative solutions. 
  • Communication and engagement with a large community of organizations similar to yours with knowledge to share. Enjoy regular information sharing on Indigenous housing and services.
  • Opportunity to contribute to policy development.
  • Support in delivering strong core programs and services that help with harm reduction, physical and mental health, and social support.
  • Voting rights: a voice in the Board and the development of our strategic plan.
  • Direct contact and support through a portfolio manager.

Membership Application Form

By submitting this form, we are requesting to become a Member of the Aboriginal Housing Management Association (AHMA) in accordance with its Constitution and Bylaws.

Our application is for the following membership types:

Corporate Membership

Corporate Members must be societies that:

  • Are in good standing with the Registrar of Companies.
  • Manage off-reserve Indigenous housing or provide Indigenous housing-related services.
  • Receive ongoing funding or loans from or through AHMA, or are, under their constitution or bylaws or by contractual agreement with AHMA, obligated to require the AHMA’s involvement or approval in respect of management and administration of Indigenous housing, programs, and Indigenous housing related services that they manage or provide, and
  • Do not have substantially the same board of directors as that of an existing Corporate member of the Society.

Non-Corporate Membership

Non-Corporate members shall be such persons (which may be incorporated organizations or natural persons) that:

  • Are in good standing with the Registrar of Companies.
  • Are actively involved with the provision of off-reserve Indigenous housing or who provide services or ancillary programs related to Indigenous housing.
  • Apply to the directors, and are determined by the directors, in their discretion, to be deserving and entitled to become a Non-Corporate member based on the criteria set out in AHMA’s Bylaws.


a) Members must provide proof of “In Good Standing” with the Registrar at any time if requested.
b) Once we receive your application, it will first be reviewed by the Executive Leadership Team. If approved, it will then go to Nə́c̓aʔmat Leləm̓ Committee and then the Board of Directors for final approval.

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