What We Do

Our services include:

Advocacy. AHMA advocates to increase awareness and provide representation, leadership, and support for the management and delivery of safe, sustainable, culturally supported, affordable housing for Indigenous people in BC. We participate in strategy committees and tables on Indigenous housing. We also present at events locally, nationally and internationally to advance housing goals and share our expertise.

Policy Advancement. Participate in housing policy and program development with all levels of government.

Reports and Strategies. AHMA’s reports, research and strategies are invaluable resources for insights for housing providers, community builders, policy makers and social advocates.

Asset Management. AHMA supports the development of culturally appropriate, quality, affordable and safe housing for Indigenous people in BC, through maintenance, capital and portfolio planning, capital renewals and new construction.

Operational Support. AHMA supports Indigenous housing societies with health in housing, training, culturally supportive services, data and evaluation to Research & Data Reports, needs assessments, remediation, funding navigation, and much more.

Financial Support. AHMA provides funding for our members who provide Indigenous housing and services and we engage in extensive advocacy efforts to increase resources for Indigenous housing providers. AHMA administers housing programs under contract with funding authorities.

Governance. AHMA’s board of directors develop guiding principles to help meet the needs of communities through good governance. Add non profit status. 

Meet AHMA’s Board of Directors
For more information about AHMA’s mandate please see AHMA’s Constitution and Bylaws (pdf).

BC Urban, Rural and Northern Housing Strategy

AHMA’s historic BC Urban, Rural and Northern Housing Strategy, 2022 is a powerful step forward in claiming and protecting the social, economic, and Indigenous housing rights of all urban, rural, and northern Indigenous Peoples in British Columbia. Your support amplifies our voice and shows commitment to reconciliation by calling on the Federal Government to fund and implement the 13 Strategic Actions outlined in the Strategy as a fundamental part of the National Housing Strategy and urge the Provincial and Municipal governments in BC to work, co-fund and collaborate with the Federal Government to implement this strategy. Learn more

AHMA members provide a spectrum of trauma-informed, culturally safe housing including affordable housing units, homeless shelters, transition homes, supportive housing, and assisted living facilities. Many of AHMA’s members also offer support services including homelessness prevention, parenting skills, mental health programs, and substance use support, complex care, and more. In terms of scale, AHMA members make up over one-third of Indigenous housing providers in Canada.

Watch our video here. Together, we are taking back our inherent rights to self-determination and we invite you to participate.


Our Mission 

Lead and advance the housing rights for all Indigenous peoples living in British Columbia. 

Our Vision 

A globally recognized leader in Indigenous housing solutions across the housing spectrum. 

Our Values 

Valuing a responsive working culture, which is relationship-centered and collaborative in its approach.

Capacity Building
Empowering our stakeholders with self-sufficiency and visionary practices.

Honouring diversity, partnership, and growth.

Striving for innovation through flexibility, entrepreneurship, and creativity — while honouring our experience.

Respecting our stakeholders through trust, reliability and accountability.

Advancing the quality of housing for the collective interests of our communities.

Learn about AHMA’s Origin Story >

Indigenous Social Housing Management Agreement (ISHMA)

The ISHMA represents the joint commitment from AHMA and the Government of British Columbia to continue to improve and prioritize housing conditions through culturally sensitive practices for Indigenous peoples in British Columbia in urban, rural and northern regions. ISHMA was the first of its kind in Canada marking a devolution from the provincial government to an independent Indigenous organization.

AHMA is unique in providing administrative support on behalf of BC Housing but through an Indigenous lens. Important aspects of this agreement are our relationship, full decision-making inclusion and autonomy within ISHMA, and the future of improving housing outcomes for urban Indigenous people living off-reserve throughout BC.

The ISHMA is the second version of the first Aboriginal Social Housing Management Agreement (ASHMA) signed in 2012. Both of our organizations have learned a lot from ISHMA 2012 and ISHMA 2019. 

AHMA will be working with BC Housing on a third iteration of the Indigenous Social Housing Management Agreement (ISHMA). The next version of ISHMA ought to reflect a true and direct partnership, putting reconciliation into concrete actions.